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Does this describe your reality?
Does this describe your worst fears?
  • You have identified a problem with your practice (clients missing appointments, a messy repeat prescriptions process, patients who don’t take their medications) and you are ready to invest in telehealth – but you are afraid it will be a waste of time and money.
  • The new integrated record system promised you a paperless office, and more effective processes, but failed to deliver – after two months, your doctors, nurses, and therapists are prepared to mutiny, and patient satisfaction is at an all time low.
  • You rolled out a new online service for patients where they can send you health data that they collect on their smart phone, but patients don’t use it 
  • You have invested in a new web site that showcases what you can do and allows your patients, clients, and customers to access your services – but nobody uses it, and those who do, complain.
You know that you need to do something, but you don’t have the time, money, and energy for a complete overhaul or a shiny new system, and you are not sure what to do next.

This is where I come in. I have over 10 years experience in eHealth, tele heath, and telecare. I know many war stories – those that are published in the scientific literature, those that make the rounds on social media, and  those that are passed on in confidence.

I know where to look, what questions to ask, and I know where to dig, so I can unearth the tacit knowledge and the surprising processes that can save you time, money, and energy.

Should you decide to invest in a new system, I can assist you with the market research and the requirements engineering process to make sure that the tender reflects what you actually need, not what a vendor wants to sell you.

I am completely independent. I have no affiliate relationships with vendors and service providers, and I receive no commission from sales. I do not sell any product  or service apart from my own consulting and training.
  • Would you like to try my services before you commit to a full package? Is the problem you need help with relatively minor? Then my QuickClinic is for you.
  • Are you interested in my full consulting and training services packages? Then contact me.

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